Illustrator | Graphic Designer

Associate of Arts – Graphic Design & Illustration

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Graphic Design and Interactive Media

” Hey, I’m Autumn. I am an illustrative and graphic design artist based in Madison, WI. The main thing I like to do is logos and UX design. I highly value having compassionate and human-centered design as well as inclusive design so everyone can enjoy art and maybe change the world while I’m at it. “

Advocate for many issues.

Art is an integral part of being human. It’s how we experience the world, be it from a TV show or movie to advertising we see or even to just the products we buy in stores. Art is all around us.

My style changes up depending on the project but I do include common elements such as symmetry and centered design, rounded shapes, and adding a little bit of illustration into my work. I do also like the more grunge style of design and I am also nostalgic for designs of the early 2000s/90s. My illustrative style is cartoon.

I do digital work mostly, but of course I use traditional pencil and paper to sketch and plan.

I do not consent for my art to be used in AI learning.

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